Thursday, July 28, 2011

These are busy and exciting times for me. Erica (my daughter's biological mother) and I recently launched Ashley's Moms, an organization devoted to helping families create successful open-adoptions. And this coming Tuesday (Aug 2), she and I will tell our story on the Internet radio show All Things Adoption. We also found out this week that we have been accepted to present at a conference in the fall.

My recent blog post on the term "birth mother" was picked to be a featured piece on BlogHer last week, and has generated some interesting discussion. Today, I'm a guest blogger on Foster2Forever.

On a personal level, I had the great joy of attending my biological brother's wedding in California last weekend and now I am in Maine visiting my adoptive family.


  1. Hi. Now following you back and love that your write about adoption too. I will look forward to reading more.


  2. Thanks, Paula. I just read your Hiding in the Bathroom post. Loved it!!!


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