Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Homecoming of Sorts

Yesterday, Ashley returned home, in a way -- not to a home that she'd been to before, but to a place full of people who consider her to be a family member, which she is. It is a house where she is loved, where photos of her hang on the wall, where she is mentioned in prayers. I am talking about her biological grandmother's house. She got to visit with her mother, her little brother, a baby cousin, her grandmother, her great grandmother, and a slew of aunts and uncles, some of whom are not much older than she is.

Ashley was happy to be there, and she was happy to come home to us, her other family, after the visit. What I've noticed about open adoption in our case is that the more we open it, the more natural it becomes. There was no drama or tension involved in yesterday's visit, though there was gratitude. It was just day with family. Our definition of family just happens to be a little broader than the norm.


  1. Rebecca you are quicly becoming a favorite blog of mine to read. I am so impressed with how you and your family handles your daughters. I think it is truly beautiful, thank you for sharing your family.

  2. Yes Rebecca, Thank You for sharing your family! :-)


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