Thursday, September 15, 2011

Open Adoption Roundtable #29

Open Adoption Blogs

The "assignment" for Open Adoption Roundtable #29 is to pick a favorite post on one's own blog and explain the reasons for the choice. I chose Love Is Not a Pie because it was one of the first blog posts I wrote (I composed it for BlogHer before I had even set up my own personal blog at this location), because the name for my blog came from this post, and because it summarizes my personal philosophy ... about open adoption and life.

You'll find links to lots of other great posts there as well. A few of my favorites are "Sister, Sister" (this one brought tears to my eyes and shows so beautifully what open adoption can be), "I'm Just as Scared of You as You are of Me" (which address the fear that can exist on both sides of the open-adoption equation while also touching on the benefits), and "
This is Perfect for When I Can't Sleep" (a touching description of a birth mother's love, with music). 

I found a few new blogs to follow, and you may as well. Happy browsing! 


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