Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Quiet Sunday

Ashley has spent a lot of time in her room today. Her sister is at a friend's house, so Ashley has been entertaining herself. I've heard her singing, and I just went in and discovered that she had moved a number of her belongings (including her computer and her bean bag chair) into her closet. She explained that she was playing a game in which she was a teenager at high school, and the closet was her locker. (She obviously has no idea how tiny high school lockers are, but never mind that.)

This quiet alone-time play is not a bad thing. In fact, I see it as an important development for her. When she first came to us, it would have been unbearable -- nay, impossible -- for her to spend so much time alone. Too many fears and anxieties. Now she is comfortable with herself, and comfortable in our house, and she is developing a new skill, the ability to play alone.

Community is important; connection to others is important. But there's also something tremendously valuable in being able to enjoy your own company. She played by herself for a while, came out and connected with me for a while, then went back to the world of her imagining. I think she is striking a good balance.


  1. My girl can't play by herself. She hates being alone. The only break we get is if she's sucked into TV. (She's an only child in our family, but has 5 bio siblings.) Hopefully she'll develop the confidence and skills as time goes by like your Ashley has!

  2. Rebecca,
    That is so wonderful. She is making great progress because you are loving her so well. Because of your family she is blesse and you are blessed by her!!

  3. I love to watch my son play by himself from a distance. It always amazes me what those little minds come up with. Stopping by from VB!

  4. Thanks, everyone! Last Mom, it's a really new development in our house.

  5. Rebecca, that's great to hear! Especially because before all her hurts, she used to always find time to play alone. She loved miniatures and would make up these incredible little worlds for them and play for hours. It's great to see she's finding herself again! You're doing such an amazing job with her, thank you!

  6. Thanks! And here I was thinking that this was one of the posts that didn't tie in with my month's theme of "return," but it turned out to be about A's return to herself. :-)

  7. My kiddos could not play period. Now they can play together or alone... but not always. It shows healing and progress.


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