Saturday, November 12, 2011

Adoption Conference

Today I attended the Adoption Community of New England's November Adoption Conference. My favorite speaker was Karen Cheyney of Bright Futures Adoption Center who presented a workshop entitled "Healthy Relationships with Birth Families." I found myself nodding in agreement through much of her presentation.

Here are a few of the points she made that resonated with me:

*When adoptive parents show a willingness to be connected to the child's birth family, that communicates acceptance to child.

*Children in open adoptions can get answers to normal questions about their histories, which allows them to move onto other developmental tasks without getting stuck on adoption-related issues.

*It is important for adopted children to be able to talk freely about adoption without worrying about loyalty issues. It is important that they be allowed to care about both sets of parents without feeling guilty.

I'm hoping to write more about this conferences and some of the things that came up for me at it in the coming days.


  1. I keep wondering how my life, and yours, might have been different if we hadn't had to wait 30 years to get to know each other.

  2. I wonder about that, too. No way to know, of course, but it seems to me that it would have been easier, for me at least ... not to have had to wait so long for those missing puzzle pieces.


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