Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Week in Review: Ten Adoption-Related Blog Posts That Rocked My World

I typically read a lot of adoption-related material online, and this week was no exception. The blog posts listed below tugged at my heartstrings (or punched me in the gut), inspired me, or eloquently put into words something that I want the world to know. Some are older posts that I just discovered (through the Best of Open Adoption Blogs 2011 list or other means) and others are new postings that popped up in my reader this week. All three sides of the triad are represented among the authors. Taken together, these posts present a complex (and at times heartbreaking) picture of this thing we call adoption, a crazy quilt of experiences stitched together with threads of love and loss. Here, in no particular order, are my top-ten finds of the week: 


  1. Aw, thanks!!! I was pretty proud of how I handled that situation. You can read lots of examples on my blog of other times when I did not handle it as well, though! :-) I'll check out the others you mentioned now!

  2. I though #3 & #10 were incredible - some I haven't read.

  3. Phew - I was worried that you were perfect! :-p


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