Friday, June 22, 2012

Five for Friday: Five Bizarre Name-Related Coincidences

There are a lot of strange name coincidences in my life. Five, to be exact. A couple of them are new discoveries, so this seemed like a good topic for this week's Five for Friday. (Thanks to my first mom for the suggestion.)

1) My two mothers (adoptive and biological) turned out to be distantly related. The name "Hawkes," which I chose as my pen name when I began blogging, is the name that connects the two families.
2) My adopted daughter's biological mother's father's last name (got all that?) is the same as that of my biological father.
3) My adopted daughter's great grandmother's maiden name is the same as that of one of my biological great grandfathers.
4) A person who shares my real-life name (first and last) was born about 300 years ago in the area where my birth parents grew up and met.
5) My biological mother is currently in a relationship with a man whose last name is the same as that of my biological father.

Pretty weird, huh?


  1. Woah. That's bizarre. Talk about "six degrees of separation!" I think it's about two in your case.

  2. That totally gives me goosebumps. Almost in a "there are no coincidences" kind of way.

  3. That is really neat!! I put a lot of stock in names...and so do many people, hence all the "baby name" books! My adoptive parents named me Dorothy (Gift of God) and Frances (after a-dad's sister)...neither name has ever felt "right" for me, but I was interested to discover, through genealogy, that an early biological ancestor (1600s) named two of his daughters Dorothy and Frances. (It still doesn't make them work for me, lol)

    The "naming patterns" used in the 1600s-1800s are very helpful in doing research, at times-- for example, my g-g-grandmother, whose maiden last name I chose to make legally my own (Fletcher) was named Easter. Not Esther--but Easter, which shows up several generations before her in her grandmother and a great-grandmother! Not that the census takers always got it right, but it appeared enough times that the pattern clearly emerged.

    Those are some fascinating factoids you listed!! A friend of mine shared that she and her husband have ancestors with the same surnames who married centuries ago...there are big gaps, and then those same two names will marry again. I think maybe there's a genetic draw to those we are related to, as we have often heard.

    Names are so important to our identity, our sense of self...I only recently found out what my name *might* have been, had I been kept. No way to ever know for sure, but the moment I read that I might have been a "Cynthia" or a "Sophia", I jumped on Sophia, it just resonated with me, and everyone I tell is happy to let me know, in all candor, that they "never saw you as a Dorothy", and that they love the name Sophia, lol (So that is what I will be called, one day soon).
    Sorry to reply with a blog of my own, but obviously you struck a chord :-) As Rhonda Rae Baker says, Write on!! :-)


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