Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Below the Water: My Pre-Adoption History

My ex-husband was a sailor. When we were dating and during our marriage, we were often out on the sailboat with groups of guests, some of whom were apprehensive about being on the water. When the boat would heel, my ex would explain to any landlubber guests about the keel.

"Do you have any idea what's below the water on this boat," he would say. "Don't you understand how much weight there is down there? Trust me, there is no way this boat could tip over!"

Knowledge of my pre-adoption history (ranging from names of ancestors to stories of my parents dating) is like that. It provides weight, balance, and a sense of security. It is good to know what is below the surface.

Photo credit: Mab Widdershins


  1. Great analogy!!

  2. Excellent analogy, and well-said!


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