Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NaBloPoMo/NAAM Day 28: Reunion

Reunion. Are you reunited? Do you hope to be? Are you thinking of reunion but not quite ready? Are you just not interested in reuniting? What are your thoughts on reunion, the experiences you've already had in reunion, and your hopes for reunion in the future.

I have been in reunion with my mother for 17 years and my father for a few months. I have learned that reunion is not the end of the search for self; it is part of a lifelong process. I will always be adopted. I will probably always be engaged in the process of making sense of what it means to be a member of more than one family.

But at least now I have some material to use. I know whose daughter I am: his and his, hers and hers. I am no longer thrown off balance by missing pieces.

I remember the profound loneliness I felt back before I had met any of the members of my biological family. I remember the confusion caused by the absence of knowledge. Reunion isn't always easy, but for me the time before reunion was worse. Much worse. I would not go back for anything.

My mother and my daughter in Cape Cod: One of many reunion moments.


  1. Seeing that photo and reading your words, I see that reunion is like finding the missing link between your past and your future, like filling in pieces of yourself.

  2. Rebecca, thanks for your post. I learn from reading your experiences. I'm glad to see that you've got the tools (or connections) you need to really distill, clarify, and develop your identity. Awesome!


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