Monday, November 5, 2012

NaBloPoMo/NAAM Day 5

The prompt: Around the Blogosphere. Do you read blogs of other members of the "adoption triad"? If so, what do you learn from reading those blogs? When you disagree, what's your preferred method of dealing with it (such as leaving a comment, writing a blog post about it, or ignoring it)?

Yes! I read; I comment; I post links on facebook and twitter. I love how rich and interactive the adoption blogging worlds is. Often, I find companionship. I learn that I am not alone thinking and feeling as I do. When I disagree, I usually choose not to engage, but I have been known to get stirred up enough to blog something in response.

This is a short post today, but there you have it. Day 5: done.

1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty new to adoption blogging, but I have enjoyed reading and commenting on other folks' blogs, and I'm also enjoying passing on good articles (I mean posts!) to other folks. I'm not doing NaBloPoMo, so I'll just answer here: If someone posts something that I disagree with, I won't engage unless I already have a relationship with them. I probably just need to listen and understand them more.


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