Thursday, November 1, 2012

National Adoption Awareness Month

Is it November already? Why, yes, I guess it is.

As many of you are no doubt already aware, November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Though it was originally intended as a time to focus attention on the needs of children in foster care who are waiting for permanent families, National Adoption Month has been largely co-opted by adoption agencies and others as a chance to celebrate adoption in all of its forms. To many adoptees, first parents, and others who have struggled personally as a result of adoption, NAAM can feel a bit like a long, loud party when you're not at all in the party mood. 

So what's someone like me, who holds a complex view of adoption, to do? Bury my head in the sand and wait for November to pass? I considered that tactic, but instead, I think I'll blog.

Happily for me, the Lost Daughters blog, at which I am a contributor, has come up a list of writing prompts for adult adoptees to use during November. I won't be blogging every day, but I'll be jumping in when I can on this blog, and I'm also scheduled to contribute a couple of posts at Lost Daughters. Additionally, I will be featuring a great guest blogger and introducing you to another adoption writer by way of the Adoption Blogger Interview Project.

To start things off I participated, along with several other Lost Daughter contributors, in a brainstorming session on adoption stereotypes. I invite you to kick off November by checking out the resulting post.

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  1. I'm usually a big fan of bury my head too! Luckily for me, but not so for the kids in foster care, NAAM isn't as prevalent here in Nova Scotia. Mostly they just put more "become a foster parent" billboards up. That I can support and get behind.


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