Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quotation Collage: Adoptee Rights

I believe that all adoptees have the right to their heritage and to meet their birth families. They had no say in being separated from them or any way of objecting to this crisis in their lives.... It doesn't matter if the birth mother hasn't yet told her parents, husband, or other children that she surrendered her baby. That doesn't change the right of the adoptee. -- Nancy Verrier, Coming Home to Self, pp. 240-41
Yet when an adoptee rights legislation is pending suddenly the rights that the mother surrendered (permanently) are resurrected by adoption agencies, adoption lawyers, adoption advocacy groups, as inviolate. They even include a new right not spoken of in the surrender document that is called confidentiality or right to privacy, and trumps the right of the adult child to their original birth certificate. -- TAO, The adopted ones blog
I’m angry about this. I’m pissed in fact. I JUST WANT MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE PEOPLE!!! How hard is that? -- Jenn, Insert Bad Movie Title Here


  1. Score! I can check my "get quoted" item off my wish list for the month :-) You're the best!

  2. No, YOU are the best! Happy to help you meet your goal. :-)
    (Do you get bonus points if I quote you twice, 'cause I actually have something else of yours in mind that I might use at some point.)


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