Monday, November 19, 2012

The Bookish Child

I was the child who made her way slowly home from school, book in hand, reading as she walked. "In a world of her own," people said. The other night as I was falling asleep, I thought of that girl. I saw her as if watching from across the street as she moved slowly along the sidewalk.

I understand things about her that she doesn't yet grasp about herself. I know that though she is not unhappy (in fact, in some ways, she is perfectly content), she is also profoundly lonely. It is a feeling that she can't yet put into words. At this point, she can't even name it as loneliness or loss or disconnection. It is all she's ever known.

What would I say to her, if I could speak across the years? Perhaps only this: Keep walking. Keep reading. Keep turning the pages. There are better chapters ahead.

Postscript: The bookish child became a bookish adult and eventually discovered a new category of books: those that speak directly to her adoptee experience. Please visit Lost Daughters and read today's post by KarenPickell for more on that subject. 

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  1. I love this: ": Keep walking. Keep reading. Keep turning the pages. There are better chapters ahead."

  2. I was that girl, too...without a doubt.

  3. This is great. My wife and I were both bookish kids, I think. In some ways, being an adult is easier than being a kid :)

  4. Nose in a book, sounds very familiar! I agree with Addison that I find life as an adult much easier than I did life as a child. It's good only to have to answer to myself.


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