Friday, December 7, 2012

National Adoption Awareness Month Is Over. Now What?

So, November's over. Now what? If only there was some kind of holiday or something I could focus on in December. Oh, wait!

We actually celebrate two of the December holidays in our household, so I will in fact be busy and certainly blogging much less frequently than I did in November. But I will be posting periodically here, and there's still a lot of activity going on at Lost Daughters.

For one thing, the Lost Daughters blog has added several regular columns focusing on areas of specialization. I myself will be writing the column "Foster Focus," which will explore issues related to foster care and foster-adoption. I published my first piece in the series, sharing the story my own journey as a foster-adoptive parent, earlier this week.

We also published two pieces in the new Round Table series: "Holiday Season Adoption Triggers, Part 1 and Part 2."


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