Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Open Adoption Blog Hop # 1

Where do you like to do it?

Get your mind out of the gutter! I'm talking about blogging ... of course.

Here's my favorite spot:

I'm posting this today as part of the first ever Open Adoption Bloggers blog hop. The prompt question is "What is your favorite room/spot/piece of art in your home and why?"

Blogging friends, I don't need to tell you why. You know. I also probably don't need to tell you that my family hates it when I'm in this chair. 

So like all moms, I must strive for balance. Too much time in the chair, and my family gets cranky. Too much time away from it, and I get cranky!

Thanks for stopping by. For more information on the OA HOP, please click here.


  1. Every blogger needs their favorite comfy chair. So glad to see you participating. :)

  2. Mine was a chair also... :)

  3. mine was a couch! I take the whole thing over :)

  4. My favorite spot is on my comfy bed, tucked under the covers. Not sure that helps with keeping folks' minds out of the gutters!

  5. That looks like a fabulous chair!!

  6. I used to have a chair. Now the cat takes it.

  7. Rebecca, How true! My family definitely gets their panties in a bunch if I spend too much time in my computer chair working on my blogging, writing, etc. BUT maintaining Mommy's sanity is definitely a "plus" for calm, centered, fun family life. Laura

  8. I blog best at my desk in my office, but there's also a corner of the couch that serves as a good runner up. But it has to be the left side, not the right. I don't know why.


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