Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Glimpse Into My Adoption Reunion

It's my aunt's birthday today. I'm so glad adoption reunion brought us into each other's lives. Here's something I wrote earlier this week about our first meeting:
Her hair was a color similar to mine and cropped into an almost identical style. We were dressed in the same colors. We stared at each other all evening long. In my face, she saw my mother as well as aspects of my father's family. She noticed that I turned my hand a certain way when talking, a gesture I share with my mother. It was the first time I had experienced that kind of recognition, and something that had long been off-kilter in me clicked into its proper alignment as I saw myself reflected in her eyes.
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  1. I am reunited with my Aunt Patty who also has a birthday this month...wonderful reminder of the love of family and how grateful I am to know her.

  2. BlogHer won't let me login there, but I wanted to say that I remember "Georgia" as being your birth name. It's wonderful to see this tribute to your aunt. It makes me think of my own beloved aunt, who happens to have a connection to adoption, as well.

    Congrats on your BlogHer post!


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