Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Knot

I know how to tie a bowline knot.
So does the father who didn't raise me.
But because he didn't teach me I tie mine upside down.
Or he does.

I only know we approach from opposite directions
And end up with the same knot.

I often wonder,
Have I lived an entirely different life
Or the exact same life
Upside down?

Credit: woodleywonderworks


  1. Beautiful, Rebecca. And what an image for our complicated lives.

  2. Thank you! And, yes, this is where I find myself currently ... just being _with_ the complexity.

  3. What a beautiful insight -- living adopted raises so many of these types of questions. As I'm getting to know my biological father, I love the similarities I notice. Same but different.

  4. "Same but different." <-- Yes, this.


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